Standard Bank

Standard Bank“This diversity-programme offered by The Diversity Institute is the essence of what has been missing all these years in our quest to transform our company. We’ve had all these wonderful plans, strategies and targets, but we have failed to recognise that in order for us as an organisation to succeed with our plans we need to win and take with us the hearts and the minds of our people. I now have an answer to a question that has been bothering me for seven years. The facilitation and the content are excellent. This is a good start to a brighter future for our organisation. I wish all South African’s could be given a chance to attend this training. It is so vastly different, profound and advanced compared to all the diversity programmes I’ve been exposed to over the years. For me personally, the two days training will impact the rest of my life – professionally and personally.

This was the best thing Standard Bank could think of.”

Senior Manager
Standard Bank
Corporate and Investment Ba

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