Diversity & Employment Equity Programme


Employment equity, as part of the organization’s overall transformation agenda, stand a better chance of success if the process is informed by a compelling business case, the letter and spirit of the law, as well as best practice philosophy. The drivers of this process, from planning to implementation, monitoring, and reporting, must be comprehensively knowledgeable on the business context, legal requirements, and implementation fundamentals. On this training, the committee members will learn about themselves, diversity, the law, principle of compromise, as well as their role and responsibilities.

Target Audience:
Employment Equity Committee Members

Group Size:
Entire Committee

Seating Arrangement:

Training Materials:
Book: 100 Lessons in Diversity; Workbook; EE Act; EE Report: CEE Annual Report

Training Method:
Case Studies; Lecturettes; Case Law; Small & Large Group Discussions; Self-assessment; Video

Two (2) Days