About Us

The Diversity Institute is a Johannesburg-based training and consulting firm that was founded in January 1995. The company’s area of specialisation is in the field of human and workplace diversity management, which forms an essential part of human relations in the 21st century.

As its central purpose in its founding documents, The Diversity Institute’s main aim is to:

Expand and deepen human perspectives and the practice of diversity management towards a quality diverse workforce and a more stable and tolerant society.

The company’s training and consulting philosophy is centered around the broad and deep understanding of human nature and human behaviour, especially but not exclusively in today’s workplace. Our organisational interventions and solutions are based on sound business principles, and our focus on individuals is informed and driven by the psychology of human behaviour.

The Diversity Institute’s training programmes and consulting models are designed and led by an innovative group of applied behavioural science practitioners who are dedicated to quality and sustainability, for productive change. They all boast many years of hands-on experience with numerous national and multinational organisations in different industries where they grew to hone and broaden their expertise.