Valuing Diversity Workshop


Today’s diverse workplace and customer environments require of us all to possess 21st century human relations skills and abilities over and above our technical qualifications and competencies. We are also expected to deal comfortably, confidently, competently and effectively with whoever we interact with in the diverse and increasingly diversifying workforce, customer bases, business partner environments and society. On this programme you will learn to enhance your own personal mastery, professional effectiveness, career advancement, as well as organisational success through understanding the essence and value of differences and by overcoming internalised barriers to diversity. You will understand how much we are all products of the environments that produced the people that we have become. Understanding, valuing, respecting, managing and living of diversity principles and values is as much about you as it is about others. Therefore, develop this solid foundation to human relations and personal effectiveness for success in today’s and tomorrow’s diverse world.

Learning Outcomes
• Understand and appreciate one’s own and others’ uniqueness.
• Understand the impact of socialisation on work behaviours.
• Develop a base for positive interaction across differences.
• Build on diversity for personal and professional growth.
• Develop basic interactional skills required in a diverse and changing workplace.

Target Audience
Non-Managerial Employees and New Recruits

Group Size
Minimum 20 delegates, Maximum 25 delegates

Training Delivery Method
U-Shape , experiential learning facilitation, videos, case studies, small & large group discussions

Duration of Course
One (1) or Two (2) Days