Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you, the customer, and 100 Lessons in Diversity Online Store (“100lessonsindiversity.co.za/store/”, “us”, “we”, “our”). If you visit or shop at 100lessonsindiversity.co.za/store/, or if you create hyperlinks to http://100lessonsindiversity.co.za/store/, you accept and agree to comply with the most recent version of this agreement in its entirety. We reserve the right to amend this agreement or any parts thereof at any time and without notice. Amendments to this agreement takes effect immediately after the agreement has been amended on our web site, and your continued use of the site implies your acceptance of the agreement as amended. When placing an order, the agreement in force at the time of your placing the order will apply to that order and its related transactions.

Shipping & Delivery
You accept that in order for us to prove delivery of an order or part of an order, we do not have to prove that you personally received the goods, but that any person at the delivery address specified on your order signed for the delivery. In the case of post office or depot collections, we need to prove that somebody, not necessarily you, collected the delivery from the depot or post office. Unfortunately, proof-of-delivery records cannot be retained indefinitely and if a delivery has been dispatched by us and not reported missing by you within six months of us having dispatched it, the package will be deemed to have been delivered without us having to provide proof of delivery.

Should a delivery be returned to us as undeliverable, we will let you know and request that you to make arrangements to have the parcel collected from us or re-delivered. You authorise us to dispose, in a manner that we see fit, of the contents of parcels not collected within six months of such request being made.

Should you choose to collect your order or parts thereof from us, we will let you know once each parcel is ready for collection. You authorise us to dispose, in a manner that we see fit, of the contents of parcels not collected within six months of such notification being sent.

Should you receive a delivery where the contents of the package do not match the items listed on the dispatch note included in the package, you agree to notify us without delay and we will not be liable for shortages not reported within seven days of you having received the package.

Privacy & Security
It is absolutely safe to supply your credit card details to this site to pay for a purchase. In fact, it’s probably safer than doing a transaction in a shop or restaurant. Here’s why. When you enter your card details, the communication between your browser and our server is encrypted using SSL. You can tell that this is the case by the little padlock displayed on the status bar of your browser on the page where you enter your card details. This means that it is virtually impossible for a third party to listen in when you submit the form. We use a certificate issued by Thawte for SSL encryption. No credit card number has ever been intercepted while in transit over SSL. When you send us your card number, you can choose whether or not you want us to retain the card details in our database. If you tell us not to retain your card number, we don’t store it in our database. Instead, we get authorisation for the transaction from your bank and, from that point onward, we only work with the authorisation number.

For orders that take less than a week to complete, we debit your card when we dispatch your order. For orders that take longer, we will debit your card before our authorisation expires. This is the only way that we can do the transaction without storing your card details in our database. If you tell us to retain your card number, we will encrypt it and store it in our database. We use a 1024 bit RSA public key to encrypt the number and it can only be decrypted with the corresponding private key. The private key is not stored on our web server, nor any machine directly connected to the internet.

Either way, we do remember the first and last four of the 16 digits in your card number so that we can link future payments from the same card. When you use your credit card to pay for something in a shop, they give you a slip that usually contains your name, your entire credit card number, and the expiry date of your card. Many people just throw these slips in the bin. Even if you dispose of them safely, the shop still keeps the counterfoil and you rely on them to keep your card details private. In a restaurant, most people are happy to have the waiter disappear with their card while the transaction is put through… These risks are much more significant than those that you face when using your card on this site.

Returns & Replacements
Broken or damaged products
If a product is broken or damaged when you unpack it, you must let us know us within a day of receiving it. We will make arrangements for the damaged product to be returned to us and get a replacement to you. Alternatively, at our discretion, we may elect to refund you in full for the damaged product.

Voluntary returns
Almost all of the products for sale at 100lessonsindiversity.co.za may be returned for credit if you change your mind. Products that are not returnable marked as N/R on your order. (Note that you will be given the opportunity to review the order during the check out process.) For returnable products, we will accept returns for up to three weeks from the time that we dispatch the product or notify you that it is ready for collection. When you return a product to us, we will credit your account with the amount that we charged you for that product. We do not refund any of the delivery fee that we charged on the order, and it is your responsibility to return the product to us in its original undamaged condition.

Products shipped in error
If you receive a product that is different to the one you ordered, you must contact us a day of receiving it. We will make arrangements for the product to be returned to us and to get the correct product to you.

Use of this site.
This site is for personal use only. You may not make use of content from this site, whether direct or derived, for any commercial purpose whatsoever. You may not frame or utilise framing techniques to enclose any content on this site without our express written consent. You are granted a limited, revocable, and nonexclusive right to create hyperlinks to 100lessonsindiversity.co.za web pages as long as such links do not portray 100lessonsindiversity.co.za or its affiliates or products or services in a false, misleading, derogatory, or otherwise offensive matter.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions
The prices displayed are exclusive of 14% VAT, and exclude delivery costs. While we endeavour to ensure that the prices displayed on the site are accurate, it is possible that erroneous prices may be displayed from time to time. In such cases, we shall not be obliged to sell the product at the erroneous price.

Agreement of Sale
Placing a product in your trolley does not constitute an order for that product and we cannot be held liable if the product is no longer available, or if the price has changed by the time the checkout process is completed. An agreement of sale comes into effect when either a credit card authorisation is received from the issuing bank, or a bank transfer is reflected on our bank statement. We reserve the right to cancel an order at any point in time without giving any reasons. In this case, we shall be liable to refund any money already paid in respect of that order.

This site is provided “as is”, and you use this site at your own risk. Neither 100lessonsindiversity, its directors, employees, affiliates, agents or suppliers shall be responsible for any damages or loss resulting from or relating to the use of this site or any of its content, irrespective of the cause of the damages.

We make no representations or warranties of any kind, whether express or implied. We disclaim all representations and warranties including but not limited to the site and its availability, the content of the site or the accuracy thereof, product availability and delivery times, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of information, goods or services.