Leadership Alignment Programme


Leadership in any organisation set the tone for employee engagement, productivity, improved quality of work life, as well as constructive resolution of differences. Leadership in a unionized environment has special sets of challenges that demand that all parties involved should find one another emotionally and psychologically to be able to find common ground. When this does not happen, the organization becomes more unstable, tension filled, less productive, and potentially explosive.

In the session team members will understand themselves and their colleagues better, develop flexible mental models, learn to compromise, begin the healing process, as well as develop mutual appreciation and respect. They will also identify challenges and solutions for the team and pledge commitments to future behavior.

Learning Outcome
• Understand the business context and business case for diversity.
• Understand and appreciate one’s own and others’ uniqueness, as well as the impact of socialisation on work behaviours.
• Develop a more effective way of handling differences.
• Identify challenges to overcome and solutions to implement for team effectiveness.
• Develop a set of behavioural commitments by individuals, for the benefit of the entire team and key stakeholders

Target Audience
Business Leaders and Labour Union Leaders

Classroom Style
U-Shape with minimum 15 delegates and maximum 25 delegates

Workshop Duration
Two (2) day