In 100 Lessons in Diversity we gain an incredible insight into human nature and human behaviour through an examination of our and other’s core beliefs about people, beliefs that lead to attitudes and behaviours that in turn impact the relationships between individuals and groups. Employing and weaving artful storytelling and applied behavioural science to real-life experiences of diverse individuals and organizations, Stanley Bongwe has captured the essence of human diversity in a practical, powerful, and gentle manner.

Working with thousands of people in South Africa, people of every age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, socio-economic status, geographic location, as well as foreign nationals living and working in the country, Stanley has synthesized diverse life experiences into practical life lessons for individuals, parents, teachers, leaders, for their effective handling of human diversity. These lessons cover primary diversity principles that would make it easier, not easy, to understand and handle diversity dynamics for the betterment of human relationships. The author has rightfully challenged convention by taking the concept of diversity back to the individual and their psychology in relation to others, and then developing a better insight into others and issues, hence the subtitle “Learning About Yourself and Others.”

100 Lessons in Diversity captures the reality of a changing society and the vital need for people to learn to adapt and to co-exist for the purpose of minimizing disadvantages and maximizing advantages of diversity to the individual, organizations, and society. Some of the lessons present intriguing facts on South African diversity and useful insights for organizational leaders on preventing pitfalls in this area for organizational success.

A guiding and navigational tool in today and tomorrow’s diverse landscape, 100 Lessons in Diversity provides a new lens through which to view other people and understand issues, and all South Africans and South Africa stand to benefit form these lessons of life.